FAQS for The EtM Con Edison Composers’ Residency


I’m based internationally, but I’m going to be in New York for six months.  Can I apply?

No.  The residency is only open to full-time residents of New York City.

I’m not an American citizen, but I do live in New York City.  Can I apply?

Yes.  We will need a taxpayer ID number in order to pay you the stipend. If you don’t have that, we will not be able to pay you.  But you can still apply and you can still be awarded the residency and have use of the space.

I live in Westchester/Yonkers/New Jersey/Long Island.  Can I apply?

No.  The EtM Con Edison Composers’ Residency is only open to residents of New York City.  That’s the five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island.

What are your panels looking for in a proposal?

It’s good to be ambitious, but keep in mind with this residency, the quality of the proposal is one third of your score.  Two thirds is artistic merit, as scored by the panel. So, while we encourage a good, concise, clear proposal, we want to see that applicants are serious about their work and have some idea for how they would use the time. But we do not require a finished product at the end of the residency.

Write a proposal that you think you could reasonably or realistically accomplish in 3 months, but if you don’t finish it, it’s not a problem.  While some of EtM’s composers do present a finished project at the end, it’s not a requirement.

Is part of the purpose of this residency to have the composer collaborate with the music school and its students?

No. We have chosen music schools as host facilities because they have space that is well-equipped to serve composers and have many hours of available space on a weekly basis when classes are not in session.  But the composer is not required to collaborate with the school or its students in any way.  They are welcome to do so, if that is something that interests them, however it is not the mission of this residency program.