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Public Program: Kimberly Bartosik + Sivan Jacobovitz in “through the mirror of their eyes”

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 5:00 pm

Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
161-4 Jamaica Ave Jamaica, 11432 map

EtM/ JCAL Artist-in-Residence Kimberly Bartosik, Sivan Jacobovitz, and dancers will be showing material from their new work, through the mirror of their eyes, which was created, in part, during their EtM Choreographer + Composer residency at Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning. Sivan Jacobovitz, composer, will be mixing music live during the open rehearsal.

through the mirror of their eyes is built from remnants of disappearance. Featuring the extraordinary Dylan Crossman, Burr Johnson, and Joanna Kotze, along with two young performers, the piece is built on the heels of I hunger for you (2018). This new work is also infused with reminders of time – its passing, its holding patterns, its ability to let us move forward if we allow, and its palpability in our bodies as we hold and release personal histories. Referencing tidal cycles, the structure mirrors the way we encounter alternating violent and gentle shifts of the tide changing our ground, littering it with gems of debris both banal and exquisite. through the window of their eyes is about the violence of love, the weathering of its storms, and stumbling towards empathy in the wake of forgiveness. Lighting Design by Roderick Murray.

World Premiere: March 4-7, 2020, New York Live Arts as part of the Live Feed Residency Program.
* Photo: Burr Johnson in I hunger for you (2018) credit: Jim Coleman