Matt Evans Creates an Interactive Website!

Katie Cox

Matt Evans was one recipient of the 2019-20 EtM Con Edison Composer Residencies. He was in residence at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music starting in January 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt’s residency time was cut short and pubic program cancelled.

Matt has reimagined his public program as a virtual meeting place to engage with viewers on his interactive website. 

“h0me z0nes” (2020) — matt evans 

What is a site-specific installation for a community in quarantine? “h0me z0nes” is a virtual gallery space where users can engage (from any internet capable device) with a collection of community sourced, home field recordings while traversing a magic carpet floating in space. Originally intended as a site-specific installation examining the relationship between acoustics and identity, h0me z0nes reimagines how a space dependent project can function during a period of community isolation and breaks open the criteria that constitute terms like site-specificity, identity and community.

After being forced into a practice of quarantine homesteading and performance live-streaming, I yearned for the opportunity to share an acoustic space with my buds. In an attempt to link our individual acoustic spaces into one, I created the h0me z0nes meditation ritual, and asked friends to perform and record the ritual to hear how our individual spaces are reflections of our identities and how those sonic identities could interact online. Check out the project at h0me z0nes HQ

h0m3 z0nes is a work in progress — my first project utilizing virtual reality chat rooms.

MATT EVANS has been passionately listening to air conditioning units for as long as he can remember. Since moving to Brooklyn in 2012, he has survived as a composer, percussionist and sound artist working in cross-disciplinary contexts, playing in bands, performing with new music ensembles, and producing performances that integrate music and movement.  His work investigates the infinite regress of simple seeming phenomenon through an abstracted musical, theatrical and sculptural lens. Matt was recently the December 2018 Musician-in-Residence at Brooklyn art space, Pioneer Works and continues to perform, record and co-lead collaborative projects with Tigue, Bearthoven and Private Elevators.



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