Pictures from an Autumn Soiree

David Johnston

Artist Honoree Christopher Williams, Artist Honoree Du Yun, Artist Advisory Council Member Kamala Sankaram

Simone Chan, Danny Costa, two of our fabulous volunteers for the evening

Kate Peila, EtM Finance Manager Hillary Jackson

Board Member KC Maurer, Executive Director David Johnston, Board President Marieke Spence, Alair Townsend

Christopher Williams, Founder & Board Chairwoman Eugenie Cowan


Thanks to everyone who came out to our EtM Autumn Soiree on Monday, October 23. 

We want to especially thank our EtM Board: Earl Carlyss, Eugenie Cowan, Jim Sligar, KC Maurer, Phyllis Taylor, Kimberly Mangold, Marieke Spence.

Our fantastic artist honorees: Du Yun and Christopher Williams!

Our event committee: Lisa Johnson, Sarah Benvenuti, Shawn Milnes, Jeffrey Dennis Smith, Matthew Principe, and Marni Raab!

Our volunteers! Kamala Sankaram, Karesia Batan, Simone Chan and Danilo Costa!



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