Cultural Plan and the Future of City Funding

David Johnston

In 2014, EtM released its report on workspace issues for performing artists in the borough of Queens. Through an examination of CDP data, we talked about inequities in funding sources for cultural organizations, particularly those in southeastern Queens. (Queens Performing Artists & Workspace: “I Want to Do More Than Survive—I Want to Thrive” PDF)

This report led to the creation of our EtM Choreographer + Composer Residencies in partnership with the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning. (JCAL, pictured above). This program attempts to address some of the inequities in opportunity that we found in the study.

Today’s New York Times article discusses the upcoming City Cultural Plan. While smaller organizations (like JCAL) who have been historically under-resourced are hopeful, larger organizations are concerned that their allocations will be cut in the midst of an already difficult funding climate. (Cathy Hung, our colleague and the Executive Director of JCAL, is quoted in the article below.)

Here at EtM, we advocate strongly for these funding inequities to be addressed, AND for overall cultural funding to be INCREASED.

Fighting over a shrinking pie is NOT what is needed.

Cultural access for ALL is what is needed.



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