EtM’s First Public Programs at Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning

David Johnston

This last month EtM and Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning hosted two public programs from our EtM Choreographer + Composer Residencies. The first public program for 2016-17 was from artist team Ursula Eagly (choreographer) and Cenk Ergün (composer) on Saturday, December 17th. Emily Schoen (Choreographer) gave a “first showing” of her new work Thou Mayest,  (based on John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”) on Thursday, January 12th.

Cenk 1 Ursula 1

Schoen 1 Schoen 3 Schoen 4 Schoen 5

We would like to thank the Mertz Gilmore Foundation for the support of these public programs. Applications for the third round of the Choreographer + Composer Residencies will be available in the spring. Stay tuned!


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