Summer with Meera

David Johnston

We snagged a terrific intern for the summer, Meera Chakravarthy. Meera is a rising senior at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  She’ll be helping us with our upcoming EtM Con Edison Composers’ Residency panels, processing applications for the Choreographer + Composer Residencies in Jamaica, Queens, and also pitching in on some advocacy efforts for the City’s culturals budget.  Here she is in her new office at EtM.



A native of Kansas, Meera is studying music and economics with a minor in entrepreneurship. Her interests are focused in urban planning specifically for the arts and creative industries. (Kind of right in our wheelhouse, isn’t it?) She will begin the (arduous) process of an honors thesis on this topic when she returns to school. Meera is a flautist and loves to practice yoga. She’s very excited to be a part of Exploring the Metropolis this summer (as you can see from the picture).


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