Lunch at Con Edison

David Johnston


Had a terrific time at Con Edison on Friday.  We’d been asked by Alton Murray, our Strategic Partnerships Manager, to do a short presentation on the residency program for their employee lunchtime program.  So I’d asked 2014-15 Composers-in-Residence Eric Lemmon and Kento Iwasaki to present, along with Molly Herron, one of our 2012-13 composers.  Molly showed two of her videos, detailing some of her compositional process. (FUN FACT! The above video for “Full Blood Moon” – which we showed at lunch – features bassist Lisa Dowling WHO IS ALSO OUR NEW PROGRAM ASSOCIATE.) Kento, along with soprano Joy Tamayo, did an excerpt from “Beloved Prey” and Eric Lemmon performed a new piece for viola and electronics.

Con Edison has funded our Composers’ Residency since its inception. And very soon, they’ll be releasing a series of videos of this year’s composers. Stay tuned.


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