2012 Composer Spotlight: Molly Herron

David Johnston


2012 Composer-in-Residence Molly Herron


Molly Herron draws inspiration from a wide range of subject matter.  Her most recent commission involves collaborating with researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital, composing music to help lower patients’ blood pressure.  Another recent work, Open Systems, delves into physics – a musical soundscape representing the dynamics and shifts that occur between atoms, electrons and energy.  (Click here to hear an amazing performance of Open Systems by the JACK Quartet.)  In addition to being a composer and performer, Molly is an experienced music educator who loves working with youth. She’s even developed her own comprehensive music curriculum for kids. For her residency at Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, Molly plans to work with a cohort of BYCA students and guide them through the process of creating, rehearsing and performing a new choral piece.

Molly is also co-founder of West Fourth New Music Collective (W4), a Brooklyn-based collective of composers and performers dedicated to curating concerts of emerging artists. Founded in 2010 by Molly and three of her fellow “co-conspirators” (composers Matt Frey, Tim Hansen and Ruben Naeff), W4 has produced a number of theme-based concerts around town. Their recent June event at the 92YTribeca was an all-cello celebration titled “Cellophilia”, and included Steve Reich’s Cello Counterpoint for 8 cellos plus six cello ensemble premieres. Molly and W4 have a cool lineup of events this fall. Subscribe to their mailing list and don’t miss a chance to hear one of their concerts.



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