“The Way Musicians Help Musicians”

David Johnston


Musicians’ Advisory Group member Lisa Johnson and 2011 Composer-in-Residence Ron Tucker

Recently, 2011 Composer-in-Residence Ron Tucker and ensemble, et al. performed their free public program at Church Street School for Music and Art. The concert premiered percussion ensemble and solo piano works, all composed during the residency. Lisa Johnson, a member of our Musicians’ Advisory Group and Director of Music Administration at Lighthouse International, attended the concert on our behalf. Below are some thoughts she shared with us.

What I appreciated about attending the concert on Saturday was the way musicians help musicians through the Exploring the Metropolis composer residencies.  It was clear that the access to appropriate space and quality resources, such as access to a fine piano, made the difference for the participating composer.  Musicians need a place to work and create art.

Happily there were pieces on the program that specifically grew out of and were credited to this residency.  One could not help but be aware that the music owed its life to the residency, that this was the proper incubation for it to come to life.

I appreciated the respect that the composer expressed for his work at the school, and he articulated very well the value of Exploring the Metropolis to put the project together.
As familiar as I am with the mission of Exploring the Metropolis, it was another level altogether to witness a project that came out of a residency directly, and it made me grateful to be both a musician and helper of musicians.”

Thank you Ron, Lisa, ensemble, et al. and the staff and community of Church Street School!


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