Facility Spotlight: Celebrating 150 years of Flushing Town Hall (and 4 with Exploring the Metropolis)

David Johnston

Flushing Town Hall


We are excited to be partnering with our host facilities for the 2012-13 round of the Con Edison Musicians’ Residency program. And so begins a new blog series spotlighting each of our four hosts!

We begin with Flushing Town Hall, with whom we began our pilot four years ago. 2012 marks a very special year for our friends as Flushing Town Hall as they celebrate their 150th Anniversary. Originally built as a community gathering space, Flushing Town Hall was also once home to a circus, a bank, and still houses a jail cell. (The former jail cell has been a sought-after composing spot for several of our Composers-in-Residence, like Demetrius Spaneas and Nivedita ShivRaj.) Today, Flushing Town Hall continues its important role as a community gathering place and a premier venue for music and arts, serving over 30,000 community members through its multicultural arts programming, educational workshops and community events.

If you have never attended a Flushing Town Hall event, browsed through a gallery exhibit, or gazed at the beautiful building details, don’t miss out. The Victorian-era building is gorgeous. FTH was restored in 1999 and is now a member of the Cultural Institution Group of New York City and an Affiliate Member of the Smithsonian Institution. When you visit, say hello to Executive and Artistic Director, Ellen Kodadek, and the rest of the crew. They are the nicest people. And do visit the gift shop which features handcrafted works and music of local Queens-based artists.

Finally, we leave you with some quotes from two former Flushing Town Hall Composers-in-Residence:

“Here I sit, writing the final blog of my Flushing Town Hall composer residency, looking out the window of the ‘jail cell’ (the room which was actually a jail cell, now the green room of the performance hall) looking out the window over hustling and bustling Flushing with its Chinese restaurants and Korean markets. I can’t barely believe that this three month period has passed…tempus fugit…

It has been a wonderful experience. Director Ellen Kodadek and the rest of the Flushing Town Hall staff have been kind and gracious with their space and time. The composition residency, sponsored by Exploring the Metropolis in collaboration with Con Edison, is a fantastic program which I can’t praise enough.

And I even have lots to show for my time beyond an enhanced palate for
Chinese cuisine…”

Demetrius Spaneas, 2011 Composer-in-Residence

“I was privileged to serve as the composer-in-residence at Flushing Town Hall. Executive and Artistic Director Ellen Kodadek and entire staff members were always friendly and supportive. They treated me as if I were one of them. I worked passionately on my music project ‘Scattered Wind’ for daegeum and piano in the studio I was provided. I loved every single day I spent in this place …. I am pleased to dedicate my ‘Scattered Wind’ to Ellen Kodadek and Flushing Town Hall for their generosity and friendship.”

Paul Yeon Lee, 2011 Composer-in-Residence


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