“Beautiful Vibrating Metals”

David Johnston

2011 Composer-in-Residence Ron Tucker


Don’t miss an opportunity to hear new works by 2011 Composer-in-Residence Ron Tucker. Ron has a unique gift for composing beautifully meditative and thoughtful percussion ensemble music. So head on down to Church Street School for Music and Art on Saturday, April 28th at 2pm. Ron Tucker and ensemble, et al. will premiere four new works, all composed during Ron’s fall residency. Below is a snippet from ensemble, et al.’s press release:

“During his residency, Ron set out to find unusual metal, glass, and wood objects that could form the basis for a series of compositions.  Ensemble, et al. will premiere four new compositions, built around Indian cowbells, tuned gongs, and small cymbals (as well as other traditional percussion instruments).  The result is an intricate mélange of sounds and textures that incorporates minimal, meditative patterns coupled with soaring emotional passages.”

Seriously, you won’t want to miss this amazing experience.

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