Saturday Music Project with Raphael Fusco

David Johnston

I stopped in on a snowy Saturday morning to watch Con Edison Composer-in-Residence Raphael Fusco conduct a fast-paced workshop on improvisation for piano at Turtle Bay Music School, part of their free Saturday Music Project.  Raphael, a gifted pianist and improviser, was joined by fellow pianist Kurt Thum for a demonstration of the how’s of music improvisation; what it means, how it works and how-you-can-try-it-at-home.  After taking the kids through a few basic demonstrations –improvising based on names, colors and “The Happy Farmer,” minor and major keys – Thum joined Raphael first for a four-handed improv at the grand piano, then a two-piano improv incorporating standard blues chords progressions, jazz, and Mozart.

Thanks to Raphael, Kurt and everyone at Turtle Bay for a great program.  And thanks as always to our supporters: Consolidated Edison, the New York State Council on the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.


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