Different Ways to Spend the Holiday Season

David Johnston

2011-12 Composer-in-Residence Danielle Eva Schwob is live with her band at Arlene’s Grocery Friday Dec. 16.

And former panelist Kathleen Supove performs with Electric Sheep for three performances at the Flea Theater.  I like Kathy’s press release so much, I’ll just give it verbatim:

“Set in a remote cabin, away from civilization, I’ll be communing with creatures of the animal and machine type, presenting new works by some of today’s most interesting composers. The “cast” includes musical robots from LEMUR, electrified Debussy, Robert Mitchum like you’ve never heard him before, a speaking pianist, and much, much more. And don’t miss my new jumpsuit!!”

Did you hear that? Do not miss the jumpsuit.


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