A Word about Our Newsletter

David Johnston

Informative. Educational. Useful. To the point. We hope these are some of the first thoughts folks have when they read our bi-monthly newsletter. Since our founding almost 30 years ago, our core mission has been to focus on the workspace needs of our city’s cultural communities. In that vein, we created NYC Performing Art Spaces almost a decade ago – an online database that connects artists to cultural facilities (now owned and expanded upon by our friends at Fractured Atlas). More recently, we developed the Con Edison Musicians’ Residency program to partner composers with vibrant cultural organizations around Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

And so it is with the purpose of connecting NYC’s performing artists to various workspace and residency opportunities throughout our city that we publish our newsletter. On a personal note, I would like to add that I look forward to each newsletter and find it a delight to read – thanks to David’s gift of writing witty prose!

During this holiday season of sharing, we would absolutely love your help in spreading the news about our newsletter. Click here to view our latest newsletter and at the bottom, you will see a “forward email” link to forward to a friend or two. Thank you!


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