And Now, A Few Words from Our Director…

David Johnston

Today’s guest blogger is none other than our own Director/Founder, Eugenie Cowan – who took a trip to Turtle Bay Music School last week to meet two of our new Composers-in-Residence.

“Two Con Edison composers, Turtle Bay, and demand meets supply:

On Thursday, David and I introduced 2011 Con Edison composers Raphael Fusco and Joshua Green to Karin Carleton, Executive Director of Turtle Bay Music School (TBMS), and her staff to talk about their three-month residencies, including the required public program, tour the School, and choose their rooms.  In his application, Joshua Green, whose “day job” is film scoring  which he does in a small home studio, said he wanted a piano and space to see his music on a stand.   As we toured the studios, he selected  a spacious room with piano down a quiet corridor with north-facing windows.     In his application Raphael had written that for an ongoing project, he and a colleague have had to use digital keyboards in his apartment.   As we toured,  Raphael became increasingly excited, seeing one, two, then more rooms with two pianos.  Karin said he could choose,  even use different rooms, and could begin right then to test pianos.   As we left the building, we could hear him testing!”


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