2011 Composer Spotlight: Ron Tucker

David Johnston

From Grace, today’s guest blogger:  “For the past decade, composer and percussionist Ron Tucker has successfully performed in numerous trip-hop, country, electro-pop and avant-garde bands and ensembles. However, following his desire to focus on composing and exploring unorthodox percussion instruments, Ron founded ensemble, et al. in 2010. ensemble et al. is a refreshing new indie-classical percussion ensemble whose repertoire centers around Ron’s beautiful and enchanting compositions. They have just released a gorgeous new EP “When the Tape Runs Out” which has garnered raves. Each one of its 5 tracks contains beautifully composed music (layering Indian cowbells, Tibetan bowls, deskbells, and toy piano) and gives life to each title (i.e. “A Beautiful Walk Through an Industrial Wasteland”).

For his residency at Church Street School for Music and Art this fall, Ron plans to continue finding and collecting unusual materials, such as metal, glass and wood objects, to incorporate into his compositions. He also plans to compose a chamber percussion score for the 1956 French film, “The Red Balloon.”  I’ve seen this little gem of a film. And now having become a fan of Ron’s mesmerizing music, I know this is the perfect marriage between film and score.”

In a Crowded Room with Nothing to Think About from ensemble, et al. on Vimeo.


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