Presenting Our 2011 Con Edison Composers in Residence at Their Cultural Facilities

David Johnston

With fall rapidly approaching, we have begun residency planning with our eight Con Edison composers and four cultural facilities: Flushing Town Hall, Turtle Bay Music School, Church Street School for Music and Art, and Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy. We are thrilled to be working with wonderfully talented composers, amazing cultural facilities and their staff in various parts of our city. Below is a list of composers and their placement in each facility.
And don’t forget to check out our “Facility Snapshots” blog series to get a taste of each site!
Paul Yeon Lee and Demetrius Spaneas at FLUSHING TOWN HALL (Queens)
Raphael Fusco and Joshua Green at TURTLE BAY MUSIC SCHOOL (East Midtown Manhattan)
Ron Tucker and Danielle Eva Schwab at CHURCH STREET SCHOOl FOR MUSIC AND ART (Lower Manhattan)
Kamala Sankaram and Nicholas Urie at BROOKLYN YOUTH CHORUS ACADEMY (Downtown Brooklyn)


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