Facility Snapshots: Turtle Bay Music School

David Johnston

Turtle Bay Music School

The span of the East Side of Manhattan – running from 42nd to 53rd, and Lexington to the East River – has long been known as Turtle Bay.  Only no one quite agrees why.  Some sources say it’s because of the huge number of turtles that were in the creeks at the time. Others say it’s a corruption of a Dutch word meaning “bent blade,” the original shape of the bay.  It’s been home to celebrities and literary figures, such as Tyrone Power, Maxwell Perkins, Katharine Hepburn, Ethel Barrymore and Horace Greeley. (Not to mention the United Nations.) It’s also home to one of our host facilities for the Con Edison Musicians’ Residency: Composition Program.

Turtle Bay Music School, now hosting residents for the second year, was founded in 1925, and has been in its current building since the 1930s.   At the time of their founding, there was no other music school between 8th and 88th Street on the East Side.  Now, well into their tenth decade, they have a wide, rich variety of programs while still hewing to their educational mission.  Turtle Bay features the Saturday Music Project, The Hear It Now Concert Series, free community concerts and family programs.  They have music classes for children, teens and adults.

So check out our guidelines and applications for the Con Edison Musicians’ Residency. We’ll be offering two composers free workspace at Turtle Bay, along with a stipend.  (And thanks to the Turtle Bay Association for fun factoids.)


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