“Undercounted and Isolated”

David Johnston

From Eugenie – her visit to the inaugural panel meeting on Paul Nagle’s new project.

“Paul Nagle, former Director of Communications and Cultural Policy for Lower Manhattan Councilman Alan Gerson, has initiated a new “cultural policy research and think tank – The Institute for Culture in the Service of Community Sustainability.”  (Yes, a mouthful.)

ICSCS is designed to develop a comprehensive cultural policy for our city, based on the thesis that the arts and cultural sector is “undercounted and isolated”. Paul explained the tasks ahead at a session on December 14 at DNA.  On his ambitious agenda are two tasks:  (1) harness existing resources through a series of meetings – “groupsourcing and crowdsourcing” – funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and (2) develop a proposal for a cultural capital building study, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.”

You can sign up for the new ICSCS e-blasts here.


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