“Time to Talk” at Gibney Dance Center

David Johnston

Image Courtesy of Gibney Dance Center

Our Director, Eugenie C. Cowan, reported on the November 22 dance community gathering at Gina Gibney Dance Center.

“20 members of the dance community gathered at Gina Gibney’s Dance Center for “Time to Talk:  Space Needs of NYC Dance Artists”.  Gibney has now expanded to three studios – new are small and medium, joining large.

We sat in “medium” to talk generally and then more specifically about what Gibney Dance Center could offer that would be supportive and innovative.  You can see Gibney’s notes here.

Much of what I heard reinforced the survey findings of our just completed report for The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation “We Make Do, More Time is Better, But Budget is King.”  As Gibney put it, how do we make the space available and affordable?  Key workspace issues were the need for both more advance and last-minute scheduling,  a way to report on such factors as cleanliness in studios, the crucial role of subsidized space, the lack of barters/discounts, and the major need for storage in or next to the studio.”


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