EtM’s Mission is » To foster a vibrant and prolific performing arts
community around shared resources of space and talent » To increase stability and growth within the artistic community » To help broaden public access to the performing arts.

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Since 2009, this annual residency has given composers suitable creative space in a NYC cultural facility. Read the announcement of the 2014-15 EtM Con Edison Composers-in-Residence!


This major research program aims to identify workspace needs of Queens performing artists and then to propose realistic solutions. A report on the research findings was released in June 2014.

What’s Happening Now?

We have released the QWI Report. For the last year, Exploring the Metropolis has been assessing workspace needs for performing artists in Queens.  We’ve interviewed key players, sent out surveys, held focus groups and studied ways to help the Queens performing arts community grow and thrive.  

Download the Report: Queens Performing Artists & Workspace: “I Want to Do More Than Survive—I Want to Thrive”